Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics
365 Supply Chain Management

End-to-End Visibility

Provides real-time visibility into supply chain operations, including inventory levels, production status, and logistics, enabling better decision-making.
Inventory Optimization

Helps optimize inventory levels with advanced forecasting, demand planning, and replenishment capabilities, reducing carrying costs and stockouts.

Efficient Manufacturing Operations

Streamlines production processes with planning, scheduling, and shop floor management tools, improving operational efficiency and reducing lead times.

Supplier Collaboration

Facilitates collaboration with suppliers through integrated processes for procurement, vendor management, and performance tracking.

Demand Forecasting

Uses predictive analytics to forecast demand accurately, ensuring the right inventory levels to meet customer needs while minimizing excess stock.

Warehouse Management

Optimizes warehouse operations with advanced features for inventory tracking, picking, packing, and shipping, improving order fulfillment accuracy and speed.

Compliance and Quality Management

Helps ensure compliance with regulatory standards and manages quality control processes to maintain product integrity and customer satisfaction.

IoT and AI Integration

Leverages Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to optimize supply chain processes, predict maintenance needs, and improve asset utilization.

Global Supply Chain Support

Supports multi-site and multi-national operations with capabilities for managing different legal and regulatory requirements across regions.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scales to support growing business needs and adapts to changes in market conditions, enabling agility and responsiveness in the supply chain.


It reduces cost by optimizing supply chain management processes, controls and streamline inventory, increases visibility throughout the supply chain and provides improved customer service.


Microsoft Dynamics AX helps to plan, track and analyze service operations to maximize efficiency, gain a complete overview of costs and revenue, and improve profitability for service operations. In short, it transforms service operations into business profitability.

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