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Scale operations with Dynamics
365 Customer Service Professional

Streamline support with a solution that simplifies processes and improves customer experiences.
Personalise service

Enable self-service portals so customers can resolve issues independently. Continuously improve experiences with insights into customer satisfaction.

Empower your team

Accelerate onboarding and reduce escalations with intuitive agent experiences. Ensure agents resolve issues quickly with knowledge-driven case management.

Gain actionable insights

Use insights to optimise agent performance, get a 360-degree view of customer journeys, and reduce operational costs.

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Organizations utilize Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform monthly. Also, Dynamics 365 & Power Platform reported 20 million Monthly Active Users.

Centralized Customer Data

Dynamics 365 Sales consolidates all customer data into a single platform, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions, preferences, and history. This enables sales teams to better understand their customers and personalize engagements.

Sales Process Automation

The platform automates repetitive tasks such as lead qualification, follow-ups, and quote generation. This automation boosts efficiency, reduces manual effort, and allows salespeople to focus more on building relationships and closing deals.

Insightful Analytics and Reporting

Dynamics 365 Sales offers powerful analytics and reporting capabilities that provide real-time insights into sales performance, pipeline health, and forecasting accuracy. These insights help sales managers make informed decisions and strategize effectively.

Integration and Collaboration

It seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft tools like Office 365, Teams, and Power BI, fostering collaboration across departments. This integration enhances communication, data sharing, and teamwork, leading to improved productivity and alignment within the organization.

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